Welcome to my  vintage cutlery online shop.


Jennifers Cutlery is an online cutlery and tableware website.


Specialising in beautiful silver plated cutlery and gifts, we are proud to offer a mix of products from single items of cutlery to large full canteens.

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Whether you are a collector or just want to add to your existing cutlery, please feel free to browse my collection.


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Ideal Gift

Vintage, antique cutlery and tableware always makes a great gift. It makes an unusual wedding gift, Mothers or Fathers Day gift.

For a silver wedding – especially if the hallmark of the item is the same as the year they were married or for a special birthday give a gift in the same year they were born (I will need notice – contact me for further information).

For a wedding anniversary so do some digging and find out what cutlery they had for their wedding and I will try and find you a piece to match.

An antique English silver napkin ring or child’s cutlery set is just the thing for a christening or blessing.

Whatever the reason giving a piece of history always goes down well…



Featured Product

Hampton Court and Coronation Featured Patterns for Jennifers CutleryWe will also be running a Featured Product section to give you gift ideas for different occasions throughout the year.

This month we look at a cutlery pattern which has two names:-

  • It’s known as ‘Hampton Court‘ in Europe and The South Pacific
  • And it’s known as ‘Coronation‘ in New Zealand, Australia and North America.

Take a look at our Featured Product page which takes a look at the origins of this pattern, along with a couple of items which you may wish to add to your collection.